About Us

Since 1965




Since its inception in 1965 as a stand alone Control Panel Manufacturer, the NARENDRA – GROUP of companies has strived towards innovation and expansion with a progressive vision of diversification. The outcome of which is a group of robust companies under the NARENDRA Umbrella.
The group started as a small setup with a mere 100 sq.ft. Persistence and expertise sees it today at 25000 sq.ft with the latest automated production facilities and infrastructure that can deliver quality output at highly competitive terms.
Today, nonetheless we are a leading manufactures of L.T. Control Panels for DG Control Panels (D.G. Auto Mains Failure Panels, D.G. Synchronising Panels, Standard D.G. Control Panels) Motor Control Centre, Power Control Panels, Capacitor Panels, Distribution Boards and Sound Proof Canopies for D.G. Sets. We have integrated our manufacturing capabilities into making Portable Cabins, (Glasswool Filled and Puff Filled Portable Cabins) Puff Sandwich Panels, BTS Telecom Shelters, Cold Room Sandwich Panels and Polyurethane (PUF) Insulations for Slabs and Pipe Sections.
We as a company believe in the philosophy of continues improvement and expansion ; trying to explore new ventures and opportunities. We are having a covered shed of approx. 18000 sq.ft with 2 nos 15 Tons crane, with required inbuilt facilities for designing and manufacturing of products with engineers, machine operators, skilled and semi-skilled workers.